Saúl Patiño, owner and engineer of  mmetromastering, has extensive experience in the music studio production. Going through almost all positions as a sound technician, he discovered his passion for mastering, setting up his own studio promptly. Earlier during childhood, he showed much interest in music, completing piano studies and music theory at the CSM Vigo. After, he graduated as a sound technician from the Escola de Imaxe e Son in A Coruña in 1998. After this date, he developed his work as a sound technician in many live concerts, films and also in the Spanish state television (TVE). After passing through several recording studios, he finally discovered his vocation while working in Areamaster Studios in Vigo as the main mastering engineer. During that time, he met the ideas of Phil Newell for novel and improved acoustic design and embraced the concept for a mastering studio relying on his sound quality standards.

 “Mastering is all I do, my only goal is to make the best of each recording and believe that each new project will be better than before.”