mmetromastering is a mastering studio located in the city of A Coruña, in northwest Spain. Designed by the renowned acoustician Philip Newell of Reflexion Arts, the studio is a large 42 square meters room, similar in size and features with the famous Masterfonics Mastering of Glenn Meadows. Created exclusively for mastering stereo and 5.1, it has the perfect proportions, making it one of  Philip Newell’s best creations so far (by his own words).

mmetromastering meets the three fundamental requirements to be an excellent mastering studio: a controlled acoustic, a great set of monitors and a high quality set of sound material (analogue and digital) including Manley, Crane Song, Api, SPL, Waves, TL Audio, Apogee, Alesis, Mytek and countless plugins. Actually equipped with a pair of optimized Reflexion Arts 239 monitors, it offers the correct combination of monitors and acoustics, providing this studio a  privileged listening to the realization of any project.