In mmetromastering the following services are offered:


Mainly, my work is the professional mastering. This can be ascertain as the process applied to the final rendered audio file to further enhance the quality, and to prepare it for the desired method of delivery. But it’s more complex than this, is the process of converting a set of issues to disc, making them sound as a whole tone, volume and timing. Mastering is also undertaken so that multiple finished files can be heard by the listener one after the other with seamless continuity and a professional sound quality. I believe that is also an artistic creation that requires the proper skills, professional experience and the ability to capture the essence of the different music styles that exist today.


Sometimes, unwanted noises picked up on recordings get unnoticed until the mastering step. The good news is that with my tools I can clean, correct and minimize these glitches efficiently.

Mix Checker

If you have a great song with great shots, you can just send me your mixes and I will tell you my personal impressions by free.